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top hats
He was offered a full-time gig at a Berlitz language bucket hat school at one point, but turned it down for fear it would interfere with his writing. As if starving wouldn't interfere as well. Here, Stephen thinks about eating "mou en civet." A "civet" is a stew or sauce made from wild game, often rabbits. Mou means lung. So, lung stew. Not exactly haute cuisine, costing him a groat when he scrape one up. The "fleshpots of Egypt" is reference to Exodus 16:3 in the King James version of the Bible, where the Israelites are wandering in the wilderness, reminiscing about how much better life was back in Egypt. Sure they were enslaved, but they had bread and flesh pots, which I'm assuming are pots with some form of meat inside. That lung stew starts looking pretty good after wandering in the desert.

He needed to make the crossing back to Ireland immediately, but of course, had no money. In the middle of the night Joyce showed up at the flat of a wealthy wine merchant, M. Douce, who he was tutoring in English, showed him the telegram and borrowed the fare money. Stanislaus is quick to point out that his brother made sure M. Douce was paid back in full. Here we see green, however disgustingly, associated with creative production, with Irish poets and with the sense of taste. So hat look green you can taste it. Ineluctable modality of the gustatory. The distinctive green of absinthe had become a symbol, a stereotype really, of the bohemian French poet by 1902. The green of absinthe was the new art color indeed, as many artists, the French Symbolists in particular, saw intoxication as central to achieving new perceptions.

Not to mention the sorting hat reads the Voldemort in Harry, wanting to put him into Slytherin, so it obviously picks cowboy hat up on things inside one's self, and not merely things they admire." For a while - until I sat down to answer this question, actually - I was sure that Míriel was a Ravenclaw primary. After all, she's an artist, and the Search for Beauty isn't that different from the Search for Truth. Her work is just as important to her as Fëanor's is to him. But she thinks of it in different terms. Her work is an extension of herself, and her actions are all motivated by people. She never references an ethical system for any of her choices, it's all about her and the people she cares about. So when we first meet him, he's not perfect, but this is the man who is author-described as  gentle', who really dislikes hurting people, whose profession and calling is healing and herblore.

This is the man who knew that the man who'd top hat just been brought to him would cause Brandir's own death and probably other horrible things and still gave him medical care because he was a human being. This is someone who helps everyone. Everyone is important, everyone is worthy of consideration, everyone deserves to be helped if they're hurt  no matter what. His leadership decisions are based around keeping everyone safe, because non-warriors deserve to pursue their lives too and that means not living in the middle of a constant pitched battle. And then& it goes badly. And it's when the people he's always helped, the people who, collectively, are what he values most highly, shut him out, that's what burns him. It's not about Niniel, or even directly about Turin. That was hard for him. It was horrible.

It didn't always bring out the best in him, either; sometimes he would get passive-aggressive and bitter, which is a negative Hufflepuff trait. But that isn't what breaks him. This is clearly not a healthy thing. I mean, I would argue that it's justified, but either way it's not nice for him either. He collapses his circle down to him and Niniel, and while a Slytherin could do this in a healthy way  say, decide it was necessary for their mental or emotional health and be perfectly happy with a small circle  that's not what happened. The decision was spurred by bitterness and anger and the breakdown of how his world was supposed to work. He was supposed to be able to help people  maybe it had to be at great cost to himself, but against that price he was supposed to be able to hold up a benefit to others and now there is none.

He decides the best thing now is to care about one other person, and while the fact that he was in love with her probably had more to do with it than anything else, it's worth noting that Niniel is the only person he can conceivably still help. Everyone else is refusing to take his advice; he's useless to Turin's party  but maybe top hats he can help Niniel. He can find a way for the two of them to escape and live. That's his explicit motivation. I almost said Slytherin. I wanted to. But& if Haleth has a group she considers  her people' then that group would be, well, her people. And I know that some of them died on the relocation to Brethil. It was basically a calculated risk. I don't necessarily disagree with it, but I think that it's not something a Slytherin primary would do  risk the [Bild: top hats-876uwk.jpg] lives of the people in their circle that way.

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