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No Turn Lights on PDC after i-Bus App Upgrade
Hi there,

I have just updated the i-Bus app to a new version and now on the PDC screen I don't see any turn indicators?. The doors/light/windows can all seem to be fine.

01-05 Update : On the PDC screen there is a lag. For example, if I had the lights on and switched them off. I then goto the PDC screen and the lights show a delayed off. So the indicators don't work on the PDC screen and there is lag.
Thanks for the info, we will check this.
(03.05.2021, 07:56)Andre schrieb: Thanks for the info, we will check this.

Having looked at the versions I went from 2.1.6 straight to 2.2
Hi Andre,

I thought I would install a clean 2.1.6 today. So I removed the i-bus app altogether and installed 2.1.6. Everything worked fine including the PDC. Could it be the upgrade process screwing up with the existing settings when moving to 2.2? 

I might try a clean 2.2 to see if that works. 

QQ: Can you uninstall and install on the same VIN as many times as you like? or does the license server complain after so many attempts and block the re-license attempt?

Hi Andy, you mean, didn't you?
In previous version the same issue?

And there is no limit for the number of activations. ;-)
Hi Andre,

I will double check the version and also perform a fresh install of 2.2 to make sure yeah.
ok checked again and yes it was that works fine. 

I have installed 2.2 from scratch again and I get the same symptoms with the PDC not showing indicators and the lag. Windows and doors are fine.

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