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something freezes
Greetings! I am from Russia, so I apologize if something is not clear, I translate the translator through google!
The problem is the following, with a morning start-up or after a long downtime, about 9 hours + \ - I come to start the engine and on the radio in the i bus app does not show average fuel consumption, mileage, voltage, and I also have the option of a smooth turn signal, it also does not work, that is, I click on the turn once and 2 more times does not click as it should.
I noticed when it’s warm outside, it goes away after about 10 minutes of engine operation, today it was +6 degrees outside and it only took 1 hour, I drove all the way and did not show voltage and average consumption, as well as a polite turn signal. I drove and periodically checked.
The rasler adapter is installed.
The k-bus is currently connected to the white-gray-yellow wire on the LCM.
As soon as "something" hangs, it seems to me that all the turn signal commands that I did are executed right away, turn signals very often click on the tidy. I will attach a video clip of how everything appears and photos.
And today, while I was driving, I tidied up the average consumption and voltage readings, everything shows there, but not in the i bus app.
I sent the magazine through expert mode, but for some reason they didn’t find anything there ...
Help me figure it out!
I will do my best to collect the necessary information for you to solve my problem.
BMW e53 2005 year, 3.0 diesel

Video clips as it appears:

and another video, because You cannot add multiple videos in one post!


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